Sunday, July 2, 2017
Varsity Week Release Debut EP ‘If You Only Knew’

Varsity Week release their debut EP If You Only Knew, featuring their hit song, “Anyways”


The boys that brought you “Anyways” have a full EP for you to indulge in, and everyone is loving it…

Some words from the press on the stunner-of-a-video for “Anyways”:

“Why? Fun indie pop with dashes of punk rock that have a way of becoming one with the track giving it a certain edge and rebellious feel that makes it unique and unlike anything else out there.”
 Wolf in a suit

“Varsity Week deliver impressive visuals for their single ‘Anyways'”
The Fresh Committee

“Varsity Week have built a melody-driven sound that might remind the listener of OneRepublic or The 1975.”

Stream and purchase the full EP from your fave retailer now:

Check out the official video for “Anyways” that everyone is raving about below!




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